Recent Reading Recs – 2018/04/21

It’s been awhile, but here’s a collection of blog posts, articles, podcasts, and books that I have recently found interesting, helpful, challenging, important, or funny. I don’t endorse everything I post, but I only post content I think is worth taking the time to consider. We all have to make choices about what content we “consume,” so I hope I can point you in directions that are worth your time.

Blog Posts & Online Journals

  • Jesus Creed, “The Death of the Church, Part 1” & “Part 2” Guest writer Todd Dildine explains how the American church is responding to its decline in all the wrong ways because we have failed to see it as part of a larger decline of community and social life in general. His solution revolves around building community by committing to live near one another.
  • TGC, “How the Baptism of Jesus Echoed the Future” – Trevor Laurence
  • TGC, “It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power” – After the public fall of yet more famous celebrity pastors, Andy Crouch calls for change in how evangelicals relate to famous ministry figures.
  • TGC,Why We Play” – Erik Thoennes argues for the goodness of play.
  • Paul Tripp, “Toward a More Balanced Gospel” – Paul Tripp confesses his failure to see how the gospel applies to the issue of racial injustice and his failure to speak and act accordingly.
  • The Art of Manliness, “How to Whistle with Your Fingers” – Brett McKay illustrates this useful skill.

Online Newspapers & Magazines

  • Research Digest, “Another Nail in the Coffin for Learning Styles” – Christian Jarrett reports on new studies confirming once again that people do not learn any better when taught via their preferred learning style.
  • The Atlantic, “The Myth of the Learning Style” – Olga Khazan tells the story of how we all came to buy the “learning styles” myth despite all the evidence against it.
  • The Atlantic, “The Last Temptation– Michael Gerson talks evangelicals and Donald Trump.
  • Comment,The Creational Goodness of Sports” – Mike Goheen argues that competition is good and that Christians should embrace it with godliness.
  • NYT, “The Boys Are Not All Right” – Comedian Michael Ian Black argues that part of the reason we’re seeing mass violence is because America’s boys have been left behind and are broken.
  • NYT, “American Women Are Having Fewer Children Than They’d Like” – Lyman Stone looks at the declining fertility rates and the increasing gap between those rates and the number of children women say they want to have.

Podcast Episodes & Other Media

  • Quartz, “200 Universities Just Launched 600 Free Online Courses” – Dhawal Shah lists a bunch of free resources.
  • The Uncharted Life, “Faith and FOMO with Derek Radney” – I was invited by my friend Jacob Lyles to be a guest on his podcast to talk about faith in a secular age.
  • Revolutions – Mike Duncan tells numerous multi-part stories of various revolutions ranging from the English Civil wars of the mid 17th century to the revolutions across Europe around 1848.
  • WorkLife with Adam Grant, “How to Love Criticism” and “The Problem with All-Stars” –Psychologist, author, and professor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Adam Grant hosts an excellent podcast with some fascinating episodes on leadership, management, and teamwork.
  • This American Life, “To Be Real” – Host Ira Glass explores how often we show the world a very superficial version of ourselves.


  • A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester – a book looking at the meals of Jesus through the Gospel of Luke
  • Families Where Grace Is In Place by Jeff VanVonderan – a simple book exploring how grace operates in a family and the dangers of control, legalism, and performance