Recent Reading Recs – 2017/08/18

I’ve started posting a weekly collection of blog posts, articles, podcasts, and books that I have found interesting, helpful, challenging, important, or funny. I don’t endorse everything I post, but I only post content I think is worth taking the time to consider. We all have to make choices about what content we “consume” each week, so I hope I can point you in directions that are worth your time.

Only a few to recommend this week

Blog Posts & Online Journals

Online Newspapers & Magazines

Podcast Episodes

  • Pass the Mic“Bonus – Current Events: Charlottesville”– Hosts Tyler Burns and Jemar Tisby discuss the events of last weekend in Charlottesville as white nationalists demonstrated around a confederate monument scheduled for removal, counter protests followed, and violence against counter protesters left 1 killed and many others injured.