Recent Reading Recs

I’m going to start posting a weekly collection of blog posts, articles, podcasts, and books that I have found interesting, helpful, challenging, important, or funny. I don’t endorse everything I’ll be posting, but I’ll only post content I think is worth taking the time to consider. We all have to make choices about what content we “consume” each week, so I hope I can point you in directions that are worth your time.

I’ll start with content I’ve come across the last few months, and then I’ll proceed week by week from there.

Blog Posts

Online Newspapers & Magazines

  • USA Today, “‘Born This Way?’ It’s way more complicated than that.” – Alia Dastagir throws a wrench in the rally cry of the mainstream gay rights movement by pointing to the interrelations of biology, psychology, and the social/cultural context in the development of sexual orientation.
  • The Atlantic, “The Church of Crossfit” – Julie Beck highlights how gyms and other secular communities are starting to fill spiritual and social needs for many nonreligious people.
  • NYT, “Gray Matter: Don’t believe in God? Maybe You’ll Try U.F.O.’s” – Psychology professor Clay Routledge explains that while religion is declining, the “religious mind” continues even and especially among secularists because we are hard wired to find meaning and significance in our lives.
  • National Review, “Post-Christian America: Gullible, Intolerant, and Superstitious” – David French interacts with the previous article and argues that although secularists expect a world without religion to be more rational, humane, and enlightened, some evidence suggests post-Christian America will be more tribal and vicious.
  • NYT, “Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention” – African American Pastor Lawrence Ware explains why this year’s convention of Southern Baptists with its poor handling of a resolution against the Alt-Right and the marginalization of black leaders has led him to leave the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Podcast Episodes