A Resource Covering the Basics of Christianity

Well friends, as you probably haven’t noticed, I haven’t been blogging much in the past year. I have been doing a lot of writing however. About a month ago, Trevor Laurence and I self-published a book through Amazon.com that we had been writing the past year as home group material for our church. It’s titled Discipleship: An Introduction to the Christian Faith.


The book’s purpose is to teach the basics of Christianity. While there are many books that set out to do this, we have found that most of them only deal with one or two of the three broad aspects of the faith: doctrine, morality, or devotion/fellowship with God and/or his people. In other words, we have found very few resources that introduce what Christians are to believe, how they are to live, and how they are to relate to God in prayer and his people in church fellowship. Rather than trying to get the people in our congregation to read 50 great books, we decided to try and synthesize solid biblical teaching on these three aspects of our faith into a book that could provide a solid introduction to Christianity. Drawing on how Christians in the past have sought to instruct Christians, we explain the basics by walking trough the Apostles’ Creed (the truth), the Ten Commandments (the way), and the Lord’s Prayer (the life) while keeping the gospel of our triune God at the center of everything.

I write all of this here because I want to encourage you to check it out. If you follow this blog, you have at least mild interest in my thoughts. This book represents my best  and most comprehensive thoughts on Christianity to date (with the help and equally substantial contribution of Trevor as well, of course).

I hope you will believe me when I write that it is a bit difficult for me to discern how to tell others about this book and about its message without promoting myself. As a pastor, I suppose this is a struggle that is bound to happen. I do believe in what we have written, and I do want people to benefit from the Christian teaching therein. That is why we wrote the book of course.

I hope to resume blogging more regularly soon, and I suppose, like the book, I offer my thoughts with the hope that it challenges, instructs, comforts, and leads to greater faithfulness.

Grace and peace to you.